I was been an elementary teacher in NC from 2003-2018, and moved to teach in SC in 2018. I’ve taught every grade from 1st-5th at some point. My experience includes teaching in Title I, charter, and magnet schools (and at one point, a Title I magnet school of the arts with a year-round calendar). The majority of my experience is teaching gifted students in a self-contained classroom, but I’ve also departmentalized with a team one year (I taught four blocks of math) and with a partner another year (I taught two blocks of ELA).

I love to integrate technology into my teaching when it makes sense so that it simplifies things for me, or provides my students with an opportunity that wouldn’t be possible without it. I became a Google Certified Educator, Levels 1 and 2, in June 2017, and was accepted as a Google for Education Certified Trainer in January 2018. After only offering enough training sessions to renew if I counted all of the 1:1 tips to teammate, I opted to let that status lapse. 

Despite my love of technology, I also enjoy low-tech things, such as reading books, writing with fountain pens, and knitting warm things.

Why A Curriculum Nerd? I love to create new units to teach, and tweak them for future use. I’ve taught with 1:1 Chromebooks, although my current situations has me at 1:2.1. Although I used Canvas for a few years, my current district does not have it, so I’m back on Google Classroom. I like to try out new ideas, and attempt to improve upon them for the next time around. I almost never teach the exact same unit twice, even when I’ve taught the same grade level for years.

Why am I blogging? I want to have a consistent way to reflect on my teaching, and an outlet to share ideas (and maybe some materials) with other educators. Feel free to share comments, ideas, and ask for help with G Suite for Education or Canvas.